Saturday, September 28, 2013

Shop Small Saturday, Support Local Businesses

Odd for me to have a moment on the weekend to post between work, getting school work done, and of course going out with friends. However, today I wanted to make a very special post to promote local businesses.

Shop Small Businesses Saturday started in 2010 to help promote buying local and supporting your local economy against Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The millions of dollars Americans spend during this weekend is astronomical, all to prepare for the holiday season in December. I believe this holiday is an amazing idea to promote the small businesses that make up 40% of the American retail sales.

I believe in promoting your local shops and boutiques because it helps build a stronger community. When you can come together as a community and support one and other through business it helps create a bond that is hard to break. Growing up in State College, Pennsylvania also known as Happy Valley we live in a very unique bubble of a community. Happy Valley got its name because during the Great Depression because our economy sustained itself compared to the rest of the country. Today after going through the drama of the Penn State scandal our town is still proud to stand together and support our university and community. No matter where you live it's important to believe in the community and to show your pride through support.

As a retail worker myself I love going into local shops and feeling the difference in the comfort of your shopping experience compared to chain stores. One of my favorite stores downtown is Connections, located on South Allen Street. They carry some of the most adorable and well priced dresses, tops, and accessories I can find around Central PA. From tribal print maxi's to Free People, Guess jeans and much more!

A favorite shoe store is called Barefoot and is on College Avenue located right next to a delicious local bagel shop called Irvings. Barefoot carries brands from Jeffery Campbell, Steve Madden, Frye, Ugg, Converse, Vans, Havianas, Rocket Dog, Hunters, to Sperry's. It's a quaint store with a large shoe variety and they carry mens shoes as well!

I love rings, they're probably my favorite piece of jewelry to wear on a daily basis. Surprisingly I get some of my favorite rings from a Western & English Saddle and Tack shop down in Centre Hall, Pennsylvania called Saddles Etc.

Before I worry about what I'm going to be wearing that day I worry about taking care of my skin and hair first. I prefer to use organic products because I have fairly sensitive skin and I don't like perfumed lotions. I get some of my favorite products from Turtle Moon Garden, a locally owned business that sells all natural lotions, perfumes, and essential oils. They sell their products directly from the website and at Contempo Artisans Boutique in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania.