Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Your Favorite Pair of Pants

For women finding the perfect pair of pants can be a long process, that some would even consider painful. All women understand that no matter your body type it is difficult to find a pair of pants that fit how they should and don't change shape throughout the day. Working in the retail industry I've been able to see first-handed how grueling the process is to help a woman find a pair of pants she loves and wants to wear. According to a 2012 Glamour survey, women will spend up to five times more at a store where they are loyal to pants and denim.

After finding the perfect pair of pants you will find yourself going back to that brand just to check if any other pants that are as flattering as the last pair you found. Not only does it depend on the style of the pant but also how comfortable they are. My favorite pair of pants are the kind I can throw on in the morning to go to class, head into work for a couple hours after, then throw on a different top and am ready to go out.

Your favorite pair of pants say a lot about your personality. Whether they are dark rinse skinny jeans perfect for any occasion or those black trousers that can help you nail any meeting or interview. My favorite pair of pants where purchased at LOFT last spring. These paisley print pants have the perfect combination of blue, green, and yellow to go along with countless number of tops and accessories. Some of my friends call them the "granny pants" but I love those granny pants. I never feel more confident then when I am wearing these pants, bright and bold just like my personality.

Now these pair have come out for the fall collection and I have them on my wishlist.