Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lace Overlay

One very popular trend I have noticed that is up coming for this fall is layering with delicate lace pieces. This feminine touch is one that has stuck with fashion throughout the ages. By adding a little lace under a moto leather jacket you can instantly change that bad-ass look into something a bit more innocent. Vintage denim and lace are highly desired thrift shop finds and an adorable combination. Never doubt the potential any local good will or consignment shop could have, I am almost always pleasantly surprised when I go on a hunt for vintage goods at theses stores.

Lace pieces are a fun trend because you can dress it up, make it more casual, feel super girly, or add that dainty hint to an edgier outfit. 

Images today were collected from: Polyvore, Free People, She Inside, Urban Outfitters