Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

It was one of those days off yesterday that just felt more than needed and greatly appreciated. This post is inspired by my rainy day off look yesterday & inspired by one of my favorite Pink Floyd songs, "Shine on you crazy diamond".  I am in love with these amazing joggers from Sincerely Jules collection, available at Nordstrom. The olive color, thick drawstrings, and stitching/zipper detail give them the perfect edge over just any joggers. Threw on an oldie but goodie tee from Urban Outfitters and I was ready to run errands! Find plenty of comfy band tees like this on at Urban here. As most of you know I am not a huge sneaker person but I have to say these UGG's may have converted me otherwise. The fold over top with the light grey/baby pink combination make them match with practically everything.

Links above to all merchandise! Available at Shopbop, Nordstrom, Sincerely Jules Shop, UGG, and Urban Outfitters!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I'm back!

Well it's only been two years but wow have they flown by. Life as a "adult" is not all it's cracked up to be when you're 12 dreaming about the day you'll be able to drive and make all your own decisions. Message to all the teens and college girls out there reading this blog LIVE IT UP, enjoy not having any responsibilities but doing homework & showing up to class, trust me it's not that hard. Also it is quite ironic my last post was about change, still the only thing that is constant in life. One of the keys to being being a little less stress free as an adult is embracing the change that is thrown at you in life whether you're ready for it or not. 

Today's post is a welcome back to Carlita's Closet! I can't wait to share the beautiful new finds I've gathered in my closet over the last two years. It's also a re-awakening in my passion for fashion, never let the hectic-ness of life take away what you love most. Above's look was a summer chic day I got to spend at the Centre County Grange Fair with my family and boyfriend! Highlight of my summer was being able to come home and enjoy this family tradition I've been a part of since I can remember. 

It was one of those dog days of summer in August that was so hot you had to be in something breathable. These adorable shorts are from a shop in New Hope, PA called Three Cranes Gallery. Go in and visit Bryan any time he's a really cool guy that will tell you how he hand selects all the fabrics from Thailand, they are so soft!! My tank is from the Savvy Department at Nordstrom last summer, find a similar one here. I am wearing two different barrettes; one is the brami from Free People and the other is by this brand Xirena (they have some unique bralettes check them out!).  My sneakers are a suede high top van that I got in Florida a few years ago, perfect for casual looks, shop a similar pair here

If there's anything you want to see featured on the blog coming up please let me know!! I am so happy to be back writing!!! Have a happy Tuesday everyone!