Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Most of my outfit inspirations lately have come from Pinterest. If you're not already addicted to this site you must sign up today. Not only is it super helpful for outfit, hair, makeup and body tips but just about anything else you can think of too! Everyone can find a board the become utterly obsessed with. Mine just happens to be titled addicted and of course is dedicated to clothes. 

Rich n skinny jeggins, lush sweater with matisse boots

It's been so helpful with styling ideas, it can truly show you how to put something together you never would've thought of. Especially with the new trend of mixing patterns, this has to be done tastefully. It shows you that every girl can be put together and cute without putting a lot of extra effort in. A little layering or that extra piece of jewelry can really pull the entire outfit together. 

Now is the time to start caring, the better you feel about yourself the more it will show. As a young woman getting ready to enter the real world I feel it's very important to start reflecting myself in a way I will look back and be proud of. I've come so far in the last year since graduating from high school I really think my style displays how my maturity has grown with me. However, always stay true to your core values and let that reflect through your style as well. Don't compromise yourself to be the cookie cutter image you think you should be. Instead break that mold and add your own personal flare to your favorite classic looks.