Monday, September 2, 2013

Brightening Up a Foggy Day

Waking up in the morning is hard enough when it's still dark out, on a dreary day getting dressed can directly reflect the weather and your mood. It's hard to resist breaking out a pair of leggings and your favorite oversized tee, but that will leave you feeling just as drab as the weather outside. You need to decide you will be that ray of sunshine on such a dull day, and dressing a little cheerier can definitely help this happen. When you're happy in what you're wearing it helps build confidence inside and out. Starting off your day feeling good about yourself will stick with you while you have to drive through all that fog on the way to work or class. So next time you're faced with this predicament just remember, it's your choice whether or not to give into the grey day.

On my first grey day I faced this year I choose to brighten it up with a sundress, denim jacket, and riding boots. After being at the Centre County Grange Fair for a week this outfit was a little country inspired. My new favorite accessory has been knuckle rings. Delicate little rings, sometimes sold in stacks, that lie right between your second and third knuckle. I actually found an awesome vendor at the Grange Fair who sold knuckle and toe rings. Check out her Facebook to see some of the designs available!