Sunday, September 22, 2013

Equinox Enticing

Happy Fall Equinox everyone! I don't enjoy the cold very much but I do love sweater weather, there isn't a more comfortable time of the year. This season has a way of warming people's souls with it's beautiful transformation of colors and excitement of the joyous holidays that will be coming up shortly. This is also a transitional time for everyone's wardrobes.

Living in Central Pennsylvania we are blessed with the challenge of dressing for low 50 degree mornings that lead into 70 degree sizzling afternoons that disappear with the sunset. This makes it extremely difficult to get dressed in the morning (or to find the motivation to get out of bed). My first suggestion is get comfortable with layers, it can be a trendy way to prepare yourself for all weather situations throughout the day. I also keep a back-up outfit in my car, a mixture of something cute but comfy like yogas, a graphic tank and plaid button up.

Today I kept it simple in one of my favorite sweaters, a pair of green Hudsons, my coveted Frye boots, and my new favorite pair of socks. My jewelry accented  my Ogre-the-top-blue nails (from the OPI Shrek collection). Everyone should have a motivational piece of jewelry that makes them feel empowered. Be true to yourself, is a bangle from Ettika that I absolutely adore.

And always remember the best accessory a girl can wear is a smile.