Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Positive Is How I Live

Getting back into the routine of the weekly class, work, homework schedule is a bit challenging after a fun weekend. You find yourself slowly dragging your limbs out of bed in the morning. It's tough to motivate yourself enough to get in shower when the sun isn't even shining yet outside. Every inch of your soul wants to crawl back under the covers and never come out.

But you have to get up and you might as well try to make the most of it. I tell myself in the morning to be happy, think positive, and be thankful. Chanting this self-mantra helps actually create my daily reality, instead of seeing a frost-bit lawn outside I see a beautiful photo opportunity to be taken before it all melts away. Living life positively is absolutely a lifestyle that can be embraced and this also rubs off on others around

After seeing a sticker that said, "Positive Is How I Live", in a market in St. Thomas, USVI. I knew this would be a quote that would stick in my mind forever. It's a choice, even in the most frustrating moments of your day you can learn something and gain something positive from the experience. When you feel good about what you're doing, how you're acting, and where you're heading it will show through a confident smile.

Everyday you get to make the choice about how your day will go. I believe girls who are more positive show more confidence in their day to day activities. So go out their and conquer the day! You're in charge.


My little niece Kierra Jo wanted to be included in today's photo shoot! 

Today's outfit post included free people skinny corduroy jeans, Ziginy moccasin booties, a thrift shop button up flannel, and a Pink Floyd crop tee.