Monday, October 14, 2013

To Infinity And Beyond

A fall trend that I don't see going anywhere for seasons to come is the infinity scarf. It's a simple, comfortable, stylish piece that can be added to almost any fall outfit. Not only is it practical for the freezing bitterness of the winter season to come but it's adorable!

My particular taste prefers the giant, knitted infinity scarf that can feel like a soft pillow sitting around your neck all day. Although printed and skinnier infinity scarfs can be stylish and a bit more decorative they just don't have the same comfort level. It took me a while to find the perfect knit scarf but finally last fall at Connections, a local boutique, I found the perfect one and it was affordable. It was basically my trusty side kick all winter, accompanying me from late nights with friends to early mornings walking to class. I love this scarf so much that in the spring during one of Connections sales I bought another one in a different color (one of my better life decisions).

I feel like I can go anywhere with this scarf.