Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wildfox Couture

A new dreamy brand alert for all you vintage lovers! Introducing Wildfox Couture a brand that was officially established in L.A. in 2007. This brand was born on the love of vintage tees and has grown into a vintage inspired clothing company. After coming across this interview with the two girls who originally founded the company I was ever intrigued by this brand.

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It really shows you how the power of a dream can become a reality with the proper dedication and commitment. These girls just had a profound passion for vintage tees and used the knowledge they had gain from working in the fashion industry to create this amazing company. Graphic prints, fun analogies, and 70's inspired fits parade themselves in the Wildfox clothing lines. Some of their exclusive lines of clothing include sunglasses, denim, swim wear, and intimates just to name a few of the most popular.

Although it might be hard to justify spending $80 on a t-shirt, I know you've all done it before. It's amazing to see how the visionaries that created this brand truly brought it to life. How they are now nurturing a growing parent company into something that could one day be as big as Urban Outfitters.

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