Sunday, October 20, 2013

I've said it before I'll say it again

I'm really all about the details! I love to observe things whether it is someones outfit, mannerisms, or the little things throughout your day that usually go unseen. When you take time to notice these things I believe you truly gain an understanding for living in the now and taking advantage of being in the moment. Life becomes a bit more beautiful when you pay attention to details.

I'm constantly styling my outfits with extra accessories just to add some detail in case I don't already have it. It just adds that spice to any plain look! I already had a dash of detail with the sequin front Free People shirt I chose to pair with some dark wash skinny jeans and brown slouch boots. For the details I added a body chain & a raw gem stone necklace, I like how the two contrasted with each other. Then chose some of my favorite rings for some finger candy. But my favorite detail was my headband, a simple but classic addition to the fall get together.

What is your favorite detail to add?