Wednesday, October 9, 2013

DIY Tutu Tutorial

With it being so close to Halloween I figured this would be a very appropriate post. A tutu is an easy, cheap DIY project that can be a base to almost any Halloween costume. They've become increasingly more popular for festival outfits too. Hopefully my easy steps can help you make your very own tutu!

Elastic Ribbon 
Tulle Ribbon (~6 inches in width)

How To:
Cut the elastic ribbon to be big enough to tie into a bow when around your waist. 

Then cut the tulle into strips about 18-24 inches long. 

To attach the tulle to the elastic all you have to do is fold it in half. Then keeping the elastic in the middle, pull the tulle through the loop created by the fold. Pull until secure.

Periodically, I would try on the tutu pulling it around your waist to see where you will be tying it & to see if you are putting the strips of tulle close enough together to get the full tutu look.

Suggestion: If you have a sparkle tulle ribbon leave areas to attach those pieces last, unless you wanna be Ke$ha.