Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Boys Boys Boys

Who doesn't love a well dressed man?  I figured I'd have fun and switch gears a little bit to write a little about my opinion on men's fashion. Trust me I am not a shallow person but a first impression is definitely based partially on looks, if you don't have a nice smile that speaks some confidence this is your first mistake. Also, I believe there is a double standard in society where women are expected to look their best for their significant other but men get to slack on this. If you want to hook a good looking girl then you must dress the part too.
As attractive as some frat boys can be, please do us all a favor and lose the boat shoes. Unless you live near a bay area or beach there is absolutely no reason to wear these hideous shoes all year round. Also I suggest to liven up your wardrobe if you're in a frat, don't just go with the typical polo or button up & pastel color shorts. Be the different brother wear a graphic printed tee or something that speaks to your hobbies and personality versus the brotherhood. You will be able to attract many more girls this way.

Then there are the boys on campus who just don't care, stroll into class everyday with the bed head hair & sweats on. It's time to wake up boys, if you have a problem getting ready before 9 AM you're going to have a problem getting used to a full time job. It shows more dedication to your profession if you dress how you will for work about once a week. Even if you're going to be in business casual it's good to get an idea of what this will look and feel like. In return it will also give you more confidence about the path you have chosen.

USA Today agrees with me

Making sure you will be career fair ready is a very important thing!! Even if you're only a sophomore it's important to start attending things like these while you're in college to prepare you for grad school and job interviews. You can never have too much practice at the interviewing process and how to dress for it. If you need a suit and tie combination make sure it is the proper fit. Nothing looks sloppier to an interviewer than wearing something that doesn't fit. It's also important to remember that most of your prospective employers are going to have a more traditional view on the interview look. Don't go with a crazy printed tie or an odd color suit because even though you may think you'll stick out it's probably something they're not looking for from someone who doesn't have the job already secured. Stick to a simple black, navy, or charcoal colored suit and white or blue button up, this is the most classic interview look.

Some simple Do's & Don'ts for interview wear

Putting a nice smile on with any outfit adds a lot to a guy's look, you are more appealing and look easier to approach. Plus you never know who's day you'll make by just giving them that simple smile. Show those pearly whites boys!

Feedback on this blog would be much appreciated as I stepped out of my element on this post!!