Monday, March 3, 2014

Over Coming Your Fears

This is something that is absolutely necessary when coming to closing a chapter of your life and getting ready to embark on a new one. You need to take charge and over come the little fears that are blocking you from achieving everything and anything you've ever wanted. All of you college, or high school, seniors out there know exactly what I am talking about. Little things start bubbling to your surface that you never really thought about dealing with before. Moving far away from everything you've ever know, having to find new friends, or not having any clue what you want the next step to be.

Well don't let these fears take over your mind while you're enjoying your last few months of freedom and remember to just find the right fit for you and go for. I often have a hard time staying true to myself when everyone around me has an opinion about where they think I should be going next. Whether these are teachers, friends, family or co-workers I find I come to the best conclusion when I step away from all of those people and outside thoughts and just mediate on the situation myself. 

That is how I came to the decision to embark on a once in a lifetime vacation next month for my spring break and to take this journey by myself. I am over coming any fear I have of being alone and not being able to fit in. If I want to move to a big city in a few months and live there all summer for an internship I better see how I like being by myself in these big, fast-pace places.

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