Thursday, March 13, 2014

Have Faith

We are all pushed to the point of questioning are faith in things sometimes but it's important to remember to never lose that faith completely. Even when it seems as though all things are going wrong these are the most important times to remember to just have faith, and that things will be alright.

Whether it's the stress of what you're going to do after graduation, how the hell are you going to pay off all these student loans, or simply why every door you've tried to enter today has fought you. It's most important to remember to have faith and to believe in a higher being. I am a firm believer that our life stories are already written when we are born, it's just up to us to follow the right path and go where makes us happy. However, it is hard to not get lost in these stresses and the opinions of others and what they think we should be doing. That is why when it comes to making really important decisions I decide to take a step back and just mediate to myself what the best decision is in my gut.

Today's look:
Hat- Nastygal
Necklace- Free People
Shoes- Hautelook