Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Nittany Mall Isn't Dead Yet!

Sorry if you don't live around Central Pennsylvania this post will be pretty pointless to you. But for those of us who are stuck with the horrible shopping conditions here in State College, PA it is so exciting to hear when a new store is coming. 

With the recent closing of a lot of stores at the Nittany Mall there has been a lot of debate about how much longer the pathetic excuse we call a mall will be open. However, things are looking a little better with the recent announcement that we will be getting a Francesca's! It will be going in right next to PacSun in the mall and will be a great reason to check the mall now when looking for cute accessories for going out! 

Below I am wearing a sweater and boots I got from Francesca's in other places. It is a very unique, boutique like chain store.