Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Make The Most Out Of What You've Got

Well it was a beautiful day for a hike yesterday so I decided to take full advantage of that. My pup bruiser and I hit the Rothrock forest to start off spring break the healthy way. I've found he's the best hiking partner to just be able to get lost with in the simplicity of the afternoon. My nephew Jeremy also wanted to join us so that was nice I had a guest photographer on the trip.

Although I am not enjoying my spring break somewhere tropical (like I would like to be) I am definitely making the most out of everything here at home. For instance, just having the town to ourselves for a week and not having to deal with the traffic that Penn State University causes. It is important to appreciate all the little things that come with having a week off, whether you've got to go somewhere new and beautiful or you're just exploring the same old streets you have been your whole life.