Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Interview Practice Makes Perfect

Well it is about that time of the year for plenty of career fairs to attend, internship interviews to set-up, and hopefully landing that dream job after graduating this spring or following fall. Nothing can prepare you for these events more than actually putting yourself through the process and learning from past mistakes. Also a lot can depend on the first impression you make on a possible future employer, so be sure to be on time and always look the part.

I'm getting ready for some interviews coming up with some retailers and wanted to express the fact that it is okay to stand out in subtle ways. You are selling yourself, not your wardrobe or how you dress, so make sure you're business professional with a small dash of personality. Your interview answers will surely outshine any accessories you could pair with your professional look.

Below are two options of looks I believe are completely appropriate for a fashion internship interview. If you're in the finance field you may want to tone it down a little bit more, because it's a very conservative field. All in all just do your research and find out what is expected/appropriate for that particular firm.