Friday, November 1, 2013

Dancing With The Dead- Lights Edition

Cannot even contain my excitement about today's post. As I sit hear listening to Color Map of The Sun by Pretty Lights I can't even believe I will be seeing this live in 12 hours, a-fucking-mazing. If you have't already heard this album you can download it for free from the Pretty Lights website (highly suggested). Accompanying PL tonight in Camden, NJ will be Candyland, Seven lions, and Krewella. Needless to say it is time to RAGE.

Krewella- Live For The Night

Pretty Lights with the live band!!

Since this is just a quick post for pre-concert I'll show you what I'm thinking about wearing. Of course I have to rock the Black Milk Clothing Pretty Lights leggings, available here. Since it's the dancing with the dead edition costumes will be more than appropriate but I'm taking it kind of light on the dressing up. I have this butterfly masquerade ball mask & just a simple black crop top from Nasty Gal. I'll be posting an update about this amazing show tomorrow, hope everyone has a funky Friday night.