Friday, November 15, 2013

Trendabl. The Newest Must Have Fashion App

It's almost the weekend! And I have one more thing that we can be excited about, a new app came out for fashion lovers. This app is called Trendabl and is currently only available for iPhones, sorry android users. Trendabl is a start up company based out of New York City. The founder Jon Alagem is in his young thirties and founded this company in 2011. After reading this article that College Fashionista posted the other day I had to download the new must have app.

What does Trendabl do you ask? 
Trendabl allows you to connect with other people in the fashion industry who have a passion for new trends and sharing these things with others. Designers even use it to get loyal customers excited about lines they have out and being able to get these new pieces at the touch of your finger tips. 

After noticing the popularity of fashion related Instagram posts Jon had the idea to create an app dedicated to these photos and the popular question that follows them, where is that from? He has eliminated this question because Trendabl allows you to tag all your garments in a picture with a color, category, and brand. This app also is one of the first of its kind that has created it's own market place too. Find a top you like and buy it right from your phone. I'm just getting the hang of it but have a feeling it will be my new tech addiction. 

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I want to hear your feedback if you've downloaded the app yourself! What do you all think?