Wednesday, November 6, 2013

You've Got To Free Your Mind

Everyone needs a little bit of a break in the middle of the week, so go out tonight and do something spontaneous. Last night I read this article from Total Frat Move, and was actually surprised with how much I liked it and agreed with most of the things. 67 things I wish I had known at 18 actually enlightening me a little bit to quit worrying so much, even though the stress of school is getting higher with the looming holiday breaks ahead. It's important to always make time for yourself, to always be able to recognize that you need a break, and that you deserve to take it.

My favorites from the list were:
11. Classes can be retaken. Life cannot.
23. Dancing on tables should be reserved for special occasions, like your birthday and Thursday nights.
46. Put down your phone and look around. Life is happening.
53. You never need that last shot of vodka, but take it anyways.

You are young and you will never have this time to cherish again. So screw it go out and buy a new dress to go dance your ass off in tonight. Take risks that you normally wouldn't consider, cause what the hell you can only learn from your mistakes. Life is too short to be taken seriously.

"9 am to 5 am the best part of day is the night"