Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mixing It All Up

Well time to get creative with outfits, to have the skill of wearing just the right amount of layers so that you aren't cold outside but don't burst into sweat as soon as you get inside either. It's a balance that is hard to tackle, especially when the afternoon sun heats it up enough you have hope of being able to lose the jacket but know that hope is dashed soon after the sun sets.

As the days are getting shorter I feel as though time is running out to get things done throughout the day, it's just the change of darkness but it's so hard to not let it darken your mood too. Today I wanted to make sure I was warm and cheery as I faced the bitter cold and final exams. I chose to wear my favorite printed skinny jeans from Free People with a Blackhawks thermal and a LOFT sweater vest. It will be hard to get me out of a pair of boots for the next three months so sorry about the lack of excitement and change in the shoe department. Cuddle up and stay happy through these chilly, dark months!!