Wednesday, April 2, 2014


So I survived the big city of Miami and flying for the first time by myself. It was such an amazing and life changing experience I am so happy I took the time off to do it. I really proved to myself that my fear of being alone isn't that bad, I think I'll be able to do just fine this summer in Philadelphia. 

Ultra was such a beautiful experience I would definitely go back someday but next time I would want to go with some close friends. However, being alone I had the chance to explore everything I wanted to and meet so many new interesting people. I traded kandi with Carlita's Closet on it and handed out many businesses cards. This post is to help me reconnect with anyone I may have met at the festival! Here's a short list of some of the people I met in passes and at shows: 
Girl I met by Kaskade and friend gave card to 
Asian boys at the world wide stage 
Girl at chainsmokers 
Lots of men in headdresses 
Everyone who pregamed at the Double Tree with us 
I am blessed to have been able to share the weekend with such beautiful people. 

I especially want to reconnect with this beautiful man I met at Krewella on Saturday!