Monday, April 28, 2014

Be Confident In Who You Are

Some days try your patients as a human being and I think this is something we can all a test to. Mine have been pushed to the maximum lately but it is safe to say that after a couple mid-graduation breakdowns I have recovered and am feeling my bubbly self again. This is also so important to me because how I feel wears so much on how confident I am in myself and where I am headed in life. So it's safe to say I am back in doing nothing but believing in myself because you never know just how far that might get you.

Today's outfit post reflects the small sliver of sunshine we've been able to enjoy here in Happy Valley. I always dread the rain when it's just starting to get nice out but appreciate in May when everything is in bloom. Today's look is totally ready for spring and could even be polished up for an interview this time of the year!

Get this look: 
Blouse- LOFT
Bandeau- Free People
Skirt- LOFT
Shoes- Steve Madden