Friday, April 4, 2014

I Could Be A Florida Native

Well I am even more excited to graduate in September now because I am becoming aware after that I will be able to go any where I please and start my adult life. Right now Florida seems to be calling my name I am very interested in living down there. However, I understand there is a difficulty when you live in a spring break destination. It's easy to loose track of your priorities and get caught up in the salt life of the beach.If I could handle growing up with Penn State University as an influence I think I would be able to handle the stress of balancing life at the beach.

My cousin Hailey is taunting me by posting pictures of the beach and saying she misses me, I cannot wait till I can tell her I am coming down there to join her permanently.

These Free People harem pants made the absolute best beach outfit! 

Free People seemed to love my beach look as well :)