Thursday, February 6, 2014

DIY Tank Top Ideas

Have some old t-shirts you don't wear anymore? Time to up-cycle and throw some new pieces into your spring closet! I will show you some step by step tutorials of three different kind of tanks you can make out of old t-shirts.

DIY Racerback Tank 
1. Cut out neck & sleeves of shirt.
2. Then cut the bottom off the shirt & cut in half for step 4.
3. Take the two straps and pull them together from the back.
4. Then use the piece of fabric from the bottom of the shirt to twist around the straps you're holding together.
5. To finish the tank tie this at the top of the straps, and you have a racerback tank.

DIY Tie Front Tank
1. Start by cutting the sleeves and neck out of shirt.
2. You can then cut the crop to your desired length, but remember you need to leave room for the tie.
3. Fold the shirt in half and cut the back straight across while making a triangle shape in the front.
4. Unfold the shirt and cut up the middle of the triangle you created.
5. Then you're done all you need to do is tie it!

DIY Open Side Tank
1. You may cut the sleeves off and neck line to your desired style.
2. After that you cut out both side of the shirt completely. (May want to fold so that it is symmetrical)
3. Then cut the bottom straight to your desired crop but angle out on the sides for the ties.
4. Then you can connect both halves with the angles of fabric you created in the last step.

Plenty of inspiration from Pinterest!