Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Never Cry Over...

Well we all know the saying never cry over split milk, I put a new spin on this saying this weekend and changed it to never cry over a lost jacket. However, you can definitely cry over lost car keys.

As you can tell by the sounds of this I had a very interesting night over the weekend where my winter jacket was stolen from a frat party and my car keys just so happen to be in it. Luckily, so were my business cards and some generous soul found my keys and business cards on the street. She investigated to figure out who these keys belonged to by calling my place of work and getting a hold of me the next day.

Her generosity has inspired my post today by me reaching out to find someone who's jacket I took then that night because mine was stolen. If anyone at Penn State lost a typical "fracket" or frat jacket at Phi Who on Friday night over the last weekend please contact me at desousacarlita@gmail.com.

Macy's is having some wonderful sales on winter jackets if you need one! It was about the only place in State College I could find with a decent selection of winter jackets left since winter is lingering on forever it seems this year.