Friday, February 14, 2014

This Goes To All The Single Ladies Out There!

Well Happy Valentine's day, time for our instagram, twitter, and Facebook newsfeeds to be bombarded with displays of affection on this wonderful holiday. However, for those of us who don't have anyone to shower us with Tiffany jewelry this year, (which I quite frankly think is ugly) it's time for most of us to eat our own body weight in mini cupcakes.

As a single girl on Valentine's day I think a couple things are important to do in order to keep your sanity during this one day of what can feel like extreme loneliness:

First off remember that you are NOT alone! There are many singles enjoying Valentine's day this year they just might not be as prominent as the couples you see everywhere. It takes more confidence to walk into a room alone today than it does with a date.

Secondly, just own it being single has a lot of perks and I feel as though these get totally pushed under the rug on Vday. For example always being able to pick what you want to watch on TV, in a relationship that is something that almost always has to be compromised over. Who needs a boyfriend when you can watch the Bachelor all you want?

My last bit of advice for Valentine's day if you're a single lady out there go ahead and flaunt what you've got today. Dressing up for yourself today will help give you the confidence you need to not want to kill your girlfriends who have "the best boyfriend in the world" and will also help you stand out in a crowd. Who knows your special someone could be playing in a band at your favorite bar tonight or the barista at Starbucks.

The necklace and socks are Free People

The blazer is from LOFT 

Romper is Ark. & Co. 

My date this year :) 

GIRL CODE: Being alone is WAY better than being stuck in a shitty relationship.