Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Clear Your Mind

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the day to day routine we find ourselves in it can keep us from being able to find our groundings and stay true to what really matters. Continually I must remind myself to not stress and or get upset over little things that are out of my control, it's so unnecessary and doesn't help you get anywhere that day. It's often hard to just clear your mind of all the running thoughts but it helps you re-gain awareness of the things around you and to not fret over the little things.

A great way to clear your mind of thoughts is to participate in yoga. Whether you have time to go to a class at a local studio or if you just want to watch some Youtube videos and give it a try on your own time at home. Yoga can be a lot more difficult that people think if you've never tried it before. It also helps you get an overall balance in your life by just slowing things down for that little bit of time you take out of your busy day.

One of my favorite brands for yoga wear is Spiritual Gangster. Both tops I'm pictured in above are from @Spiritualgangster.