Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Positive VIbes Tuesday

Sometimes I wish I had a beer taste on a champagne budget but it is quite the opposite for me unfortunately. I sometimes get more of a buzz going shopping than I do on cranberry and vodkas. One positive thing about this though is that it brought me to realize a career in retail is something I am made for and will never get tired of as long as there is something new to learn.

Getting back on track I am trying to motivate myself to save up so that I can do things I really want to do in the future, like travel the world. The only way I can see myself starting to do this and stopping the bi-weekly shopping trips is to make a vision board for myself of all the places I want to visit. Portugal is at the top of this list because I would like to get to the lands where I am from, the Azore Islands. I would also like to visit many places in Europe as I have never been to the country before. All I have to say is anything is possible when you set your mind to it. Go after the things you've always wanted to achieve, even if they scare you!