Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sweet Sunshine

A few rainy and overcast days are enough to make me want to go crazy. I crave the sunshine's bright rays. I also hate having to deal with the dilemma of getting dressed in the morning when it is humid and rainy out, never a fun decision. One thing I do know for sure is if you live in Pennsylvania it is very necessary to own a pair of rain boots.

Today's post is a throw back to the last really warm afternoons I remember before fall hit, when I was visiting my family in State College. I love days off when I can just effortlessly throw together outfits and not worry about following a dress code or being professional, I can just be me. This tank is from the Savy department at Nordstrom, Current Elliot jeans from an old boutique in State College, bra from Free People. My adorable little niece wanted to join in a few pictures.