Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Procrastination Is Tempting

Well school work has become the farthest thing from my mind after that wonderful Thanksgiving break I was blessed with. After two solid weeks of not having to worry about anything but getting to work on time it is so hard to get back into the daily grind of classes all day and work afterward. I just need to remind myself to stay positive and that everything will have a way of working itself out.

I wanted to also take the time in this post to update you all on my trip to New York last week! Despite driving in some pretty terrible weather it was the most perfect day in the city. Going from the David Zwirner Gallery, to shopping uptown, and seeing the tree at Rockafeller Center, and of course stopping by Time Square. Here are my photos from the day:

Sadly now today I am back to the reality of life in Central Pennsylvania but at least I have the cheer of the holiday season to brighten my soul. Going to pick out the Christmas tree is one of my favorite parts of the month. Each year I try to out do myself by getting the biggest tree possible that can fit in our living room (and am usually successful). So today I am bundling up for our hunt on Kuhn's Tree Farm for the perfect tree.