Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy Monday












Good morning! This month I made a few commitments to myself for the new year but want to take it month by month. For January it was to try something new, save up money for a trip to Ecuador in the spring, and go to at least three yoga classes. I am proud to save I have successfully completed two out of three of these tasks. I've been going to Yoga on the Ridge in Manayunk it's very convenient to where my apartment is. Then I also recently went to a sushi restaurant on Samson and 20th called Vic's Sushi and it was the first time I had real, fresh rolled sushi. It was so delicious and highly recommended. Now I just need to work on saving up more!!

I am also staying very true to my bohemian style when I'm not all #GIRLBOSS up for work. My love for Free People is becoming unhealthy but is an addiction most of my friends support haha. I also love trying different looks that can transition from work to play like the one above. This is an Aztec print dress from Pac Sun I scored this summer on super sale. Then I just threw one of my favorite Free People sweaters over it which I got from Nordstrom Rack. Topping the outfit off with details I am in love with this new Marimo moss and twig necklace. This piece is so unique it's always a conversation starter.