Thursday, January 8, 2015

Snow Day!

I was so happy and blessed to have had a visit this week from my mom and my niece and youngest nephew! It was quite the fun time down here with them relaxing and enjoying each others company. We did get to experience my first real snow down here in Philadelphia! The photos above are from my niece and I's adventure walking the dog in the snow. I don't really like the cold all that much but at least snow makes it pretty! I am ready to break out all of my favorite sweaters as well like this Cosby sweater I scored from Goodwill. My jacket is Michael Kors purchased last year at Macy's. I love this infinity scarf so much I have it in three colors, it is from my favorite boutique back home Connections in State College, PA. Then I had to sport my new snow boots that I got for Christmas, these Sorel's will surely last me many a winter walking my pup now that I live on my own.