Monday, January 20, 2014

Girls Night Out

For those of your who aren't back to class and the daily grind of spring semester yet, I envy you. However, I'm making the best of it and going to live life to the fullest these last few months I am still in college! This weekend was a much anticipated time of letting loose and throwing the real world stuff aside for a few days.

I wanted to wear something that was still sexy and young but without freezing my ass off completely in the snowy weather we had this weekend in PA. So I settled on this:

My adorable niece loves to pose for photo shoots too 

Body Con Skirt- American Apparel 
Long Sleeve Open Back Top- Free People
Black Wedges- PacSun 

Also can't forget that I paired this look with a parka and grey infinity scarf as well for extra warmth. What did you all do this weekend? I'd love to hear of anyone's outfits they wore out!!