Friday, January 17, 2014

Feeling Naked Without..

Today's post is dedicated to my favorite accessory: rings. I feel naked when I leave the house without my rings on, usually a minimum of four. I try to collect rings from all the places I get a chance to visit cause it reminds me of the trip. Also I am a sucker for interesting gem stones and turquoise.

Here are a few shots of some of my favorite rings:

Sundance Catalog is where the small blue topaz ring I wear almost everyday is from. 
The turquoise ring I'm wearing here is from Saddles Etc., a horse tack and saddle shop in Centre Hall, Pennsylvania.
The knuckle ring is from Toni's Toe Rings
The large silver ring is from Silpada

From left to right: my class ring, a spoon ring, a Peruvian reverse-able ring, turquoise from Saddles Etc.

If I don't get my rings from traveling experiences and some amazing trade shows I've attended. I go to local shops like the Apple Tree on College Avenue in State College, Pennsylvania. That's where I got the large flower ring on my middle finger in this photo above.

Thrift shops are another amazing place to find cute jewelry at a good price. 

Blue Topaz symbolizes the writers stone. My mom left me this message when she bought me that ring, "decide what type of job you want, hasa vibration allowing you to make clear and more specific decisions about your direction. Clearly express your hopes and wishes"  

Turquoise has always been a symbol of protection, but in many ways. Not only does turquoise protect you from negative energies but also to help your own self control. 

Gold is definitely something that takes me out of my comfort zone, but this is something I'm getting more used to. The two rings on my left hand are from Lucky. On my right hand those two rings were things I inherited from my Grandmother when she passed away. There is something so comforting about wearing loved ones jewelry after they have passed, it's a beautiful way to honor them.