Thursday, January 30, 2014

Festival Season Is Coming!!!

I don't have any plans to attend any musical festivals yet this spring or summer but that doesn't mean it won't happen. I am dreaming about weekends camping with friends, endless nights of good music, and plenty of raging. I've written many times before about this but there is just nothing like festival outfits because you can wear anything you want and embrace whatever style you'd never rock else where.

I wanted to share some of the best sites that may not be that well known for festival season attire that are definitely worth checking out! 

This romper is available for $25! 

This is a killer site that you can find some really unique pieces that aren't over priced! 

The Midnight Moon Tee $64. 

This is a very boho inspired clothing line that has some affordable things, and others that are more pricey. There site is full of great accessories too! 

Very expensive brand but there necklaces are so beautiful, it would be an honor to own something so powerful and one of a kind. 

The Highlighter Halo $20 

Every girl loves a good headband. These are adorable handmade flower headbands that are sure to complete any festival outfit. 


Can't forget the boys, here's an awesome etsy shop for some trippy festival tees!