Thursday, January 23, 2014

Business Casual Done Right

Growing up in the generation I did, we tend to push the envelope when it comes to style trends and breaking the so called fashion rules that have been followed for far too long. However, I do see one giant problem with the girls my age when they are trying to enter the professional world and that is they don't always know what is necessarily business casual appropriate.


  • Don't wear a skirt you would wear out to a frat to an interview. 
  • If it's a top that has cleavage showing please put a camisole on underneath. 
  • Heels should be appropriate for the office you're interviewing for, not a pair of stilettos. 


  • Get advice from people who are currently working in the field you're interviewing for on how to dress.
  • Be classy without being matronly. 
  • Spend the money you need in order to look good, it will pay off. 

Today I am attending a Career Day function that South Hills is putting on for those of us getting ready to graduate. I wanted to dedicate this post to how thankful I am for going to a university with such a high job placement rate and will do everything in my power to get to the job of my dreams. My business casual look went something like this: