Wednesday, July 1, 2015

DIY Apartment Crafts

Well I can finally say we are getting settled in our new place and it feels like a nice home. We have had a few chances to put our personal touch around the pad with different DIY things and our favorite decorative pieces we couldn't resist. The top picture is my bedroom with all my pictures and Free People wall display that completes any room. We've been experimenting with different uses of wine bottles, like the decorated ones on our dining room table and the one filled with lights. We added some fringe to the bottom of the lamp to make it retro inspired. We also decorated a cork board with LC Trap House the name of our place to put photos and messages. Also in our dining room we have this awesome palm tree, so we threw some Christmas lights on it. Over all the trap house has a great positive vibe. We are going to be creating this awesome drift wood table that will be another DIY post! Have a great hump day!