Tuesday, August 19, 2014

70's Vibes

If you romp around in a romper do you jump around in a jumper? I sure did in this one! After putting on this jumper from Nordstrom I felt like a true 70's child with my bell bottoms on. It is so funny how history repeats itself, especially in the fashion world. Every time I show my mom something new I bought she says, "I had something just like that when I was your age!"

One thing I have learned working in the fashion industry is that you must stay true to your style and allow it to change as you do in life. I will always have a hint of bohemian style in my wardrobe but  I have been mixing in more mature pieces as well to fit my new job title as an assistant manager. If you want to really grow with a company or sell yourself in an interview you need to be confident in how you look.

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