Thursday, June 12, 2014

Long Time No Post

WOW, Time has definitely gotten away from me this last month. I never thought I could go a whole month without blogging but life got in the way. I am no longer in Central Pennsylvania I have moved my entire life including my Pomeranian Bruiser down to Philadelphia to start my young professional career. I have been so blessed to be working an amazing internship down here and love the area I am in.

Back to fashion of course I have been wanting to post all sorts of cute outfits but didn't have time to do photo shoots of many. I also wanted to include a little snip-it about my May Blogger Swap Box with Victoria from Australia. It was so interesting getting to know Victoria and about her journey being a UK citizen in Australia. It also came at a very appropriate time because she was able to reassure me that moving and change are things to embrace.