Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Floral Pants

So you will  be seeing a lot more of business professional looks for women in their twenties on my blog from now on with my new position I've recently taken on. It is so different to be in a office setting vs. in retail but I am loving the experience so far! I get to learn about a new part of myself and develop my career in a professional manner than just going from working job to job. Something I believe that will help  me prepare for my future and whatever other opportunities lie ahead for me. 
I hate the stupid fashion rule you can't wear white after labor day, who says! I love wearing white through out the fall and winter season and not just creams and winter whites. These floral pants are from Topshop and our one of my favorite go to work pants because they're so professional but still fun with the bold print. Paired with a black blouse by BCBG and my favorite Jeffery Campbell heels! I have to say I love how the business professional attire has changed in the work world from the last ten to five years, no longer are matching suits required, and navy, black & charcoal are not your only color choices ladies!!