Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Well it was another great year with it's up and down's of course but there is always so much in life to be grateful for. As Thanksgiving is just two days away I was definitely reflecting on the last year and many things I am thankful for. I learned so much about myself this year and it feels amazing to be proud of myself and the successful young woman I have become. I am so grateful for the experiences and the people I have met down here in Philadelphia, it has definitely become my home. I am even more grateful for realizing which friends from high school and college are real friends who keep in touch and get the rare chance to all reunite in one place a year. My personal life and professional life are definitely things I am thankful for because I have finally found a nice balance between fun and work. Getting a life for myself and not being only focused on work made me so much happier this year and I have to say a great deal of that is do to my boyfriend. Growing up you realize how much the holidays actually matter about who you are with and not what you are getting or going to eat. Little things become so much more important and it's a beautiful thing when you start to realize this. Last but not least I am so thankful I finally turned 21 this year and can