Monday, July 28, 2014

Daily Adventures

Living in a new place I am getting to explore so many new places and it has been so exciting. I was asked recently if I have been on any trips yet this summer or done anything fun on top of working as much as I do, and to be honest each week I have done something new and exciting or been able to explore a new place. Philadelphia is so rich with history and there are constantly new things I am discovering.

For example last weekend I was able to go out Friday night and explore the Old City Philaldelphia for the first time which was so neat. The cobblestone streets were a bit much in my Jeffery Campbells but I held up like a champ. Also the Spruce Street Harbor Park was even more cool at night with the light shows. If there are any other places in the city you suggest me visiting please let me know! It feels as though I am just getting started.

Shorts- Forever21